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Bigparser Wireframe

The Challenge for us

Spreadsheets have been widely used for tasks like analyzing e-commerce inventory and presenting tabular data for accounting purposes. However, looking for specific data in a spreadsheet has never been easy. We come across many difficulties like: searching for multiple keywords, aggregating the findings and presenting the results in a single spread-sheet view. Our client was acutely aware these hindrances and wanted us to design an app capable of the following:

  • 1 Providing a frictionless experience from on-boarding to searching data across multiple spreadsheets.
  • 2Coming up with responsive spreadsheets for a smooth user experience while handling multiple levels of interactions and different kinds of information.
  • 3Designing marketing pages and developing animations and videos which communicate information about the product in a straight-forward, clear way.

However, the bigger question was

Who is the Audience ?

The quick answer was,

All the spreadsheet users on earth!

but there was a lot to discover down the line...


From the get-go, we understood that our target users were individuals and organizations who utilize spreadsheets in their daily operations. So the app we design would have to be capable of potentially handling every type of spreadsheet on the planet. This was a tall order indeed.

We began by creating personas who might engage with BigParser on a daily basis. We also kept in mind that every user might not need in-depth search capabilities.

What they do
Who they are
Files they work with
Pain points
Bigparser User Persona
Bigparser User Persona


In this step, our design team identified all the touch points in a user’s journey and how these will converge in different scenarios to deliver usable information to the viewer. We created a user flow with some iteration which would allow us to look at the big picture at a glance.

Bigparser User Flow

Each touch point screen had elements and information that had to be shown clearly. This is where wireframing and information architecture activity was performed for all the screens. The bigger challenge for us was to make the spreadsheet usable for mobile users on the web, which is not even offered by Google Spreadsheet.

  • Bigparser Wireframe
  • Bigparser Wireframe Bigparser Wireframe
  • Bigparser Wireframe Bigparser Wireframe
  • Bigparser Wireframe


This is where we began working on the User Interface to make it look beautiful and interesting. We kept a strict check on following a specific color palette in order to keep things consistent across different screens and devices as it’s very easy to get distracted when you are designing features with different entry points.

Bigparser Mockup Bigparser Mockup
Bigparser Mockup
Bigparser Mockup
Bigparser Mockup Bigparser Mockup
Bigparser Mockup
Bigparser Mockup Bigparser Mockup
Bigparser Mockup
BigParser is still introducing more features and it is growing rapidly with a substantial amount of users.
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